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Beauty Products About Us

M.U.A.H. Organics specializes in maintaining its status as a boutique natural and infused organic beauty products and aesthetic cosmeceutical retailer. At M.U.A.H. Organics, we the first and only all natural and organically infused beauty line that offers manufactured, handcrafted and customizable beauty products!

M.U.A.H. Organics’ manufactured line includes all natural makeup products that are infused with organic ingredients. Most of these products exceed the typical expectation of minimal organic ingredients however at M.U.A.H. Organics most of the products are approximately 80% organically infused and all natural. The M.U.A.H. Organics’ products online catalog include: all natural eye shadow, all natural foundation, and all natural lip sticks!

Coming soon! M.U.A.H. Organics will also be offering: all natural eye brow kits, all natural mascaras, all natural eye liners, all natural concealer, and all natural liquid to powder foundation, all natural face and eye primer and all natural nail lacquer!

M.U.A.H. Organics’ handcrafted all natural beauty products are also infused with organic ingredients as well. These M.U.A.H. Organics’ products include all natural lip butters, all natural body butters, all natural lip and body scrubs, all natural moisturizers and all natural shower gels.

All of the M.U.A.H. Organics’ custom products are available through our handcrafted product line! Please contact us at info@muahorganics.com for more information!